Dear Erasmus+ and International students,

On behalf of all ESN Málaga volunteers, we really hope you and your beloved ones are safe and healthy. 

During the past days, since the beginning of a new month, April, means the payment of all your bills, ESN Málaga has received many inquiries. Some of you are trying to come back to your countries, some are staying in Málaga but your flatmates are leaving, etc. This means that you might have a lot of questions concerning the payment of your rents: Do I have to pay any extra if I leave? Should I pay for the whole appartment if my flatmates are leaving? Will I lose my deposit?

In order to help you, we have written some of the information we could collect. If you have further questions and this FAQ list is not enough, you can contact us via e-mail at [email protected].

FAQ Accommodation & COVID-19

1) I want to come back home, and thereby I want to leave my room

  • If you have been living at your apartment for 6 months or longer: You can leave and also get your deposit back, but you should tell your landlord 1 month before your departure date. Notes: Check your contract for any clause that may apply. Contact us if you need help with this.
  • If you have been living at your apartment for less than 6 months: You will lose your deposit if you leave. We recommend you try to find an agreement with your landlord.

2) I'm sharing a flat, and I and/or some flatmates are coming back home

  • If your contract is personal and it affects only you: Check #1
  • If your contract is not personal and it affects you and your flatmates as a whole, we reccommend you:
    • Try to find an agreement between you, your flatmates and your landlord.
    • Try to find a replacement for the ones of you who are leaving. You can post at our Facebook accommodation group: Alojamiento para Erasmus en Málaga ESN Málaga
    • Try to relocate yourselves to other appartments published

3) My flatmates left, I want to stay, but the landlord is asking for me to pay all the bills

  • If your contract is personal and you only rented your room: They have no right to force you to pay any extra money. However, check what your contract says about electricity, water, or other bills.
  • If your contract is not personal and it affects you and your flatmates as a whole: In this case, you have to find a solution with your flatmates and landlord.
  • If nothing works: Keep in mind that you can't just be kicked out. You should find another place first and you should remain at your place until you can do so. If someone comes to your place to kick you out, they risk to be fined out by the police for not respecting the confinement. Call 091 or 112 if you have any problems.

4) Other situations

There might be a lot of different situations not considered above. If you have further questions, contact us at [email protected] and we will try to help you as far as we can.